No Notifications on Android ? Try Changing Your Phone’s Wifi DNS

Android Notification Photo by Jamie Street on UnsplashAndroid Notification Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

It seems ever since my Android phone updated to Oreo I have been missing many notifications. I would be on my home network and when I left home, my wifi would switch to data and my phone would start going off with delayed notifications I should have received when I was on my home’s wifi. I finally found what seems to be the fix. After fiddling with the Wifi Settings I discovered that by changing the DNS to Google’s own ( and the notifications would work on WIFI.

  1. Long Press on your Wifi Wireless SSID Name
  2. A menu should pop up, select “Modify Network”
  3. It will show you several options – SCROLL down on the dialog (mine only appeared to show Password and Proxy Settings, I had to scroll to see the DHCP settings)
  4. Under IP Settings, select the down arrow and change from “DHCP” to “Static”
  5. Change “IP Address” to a free available ip address on your network. If you don’t know what to do here then google it or check your router settings. It will be something like The first 3 groups of numbers should match the ip address of your router, the 4th group is a number that hasn’t been assigned by your router yet to a device on your network.
  6. Change “DNS 1” to and “DNS 2” to
  7. Click “Save”. That’s it. You may have to disable and re-enable the wifi on your phone but you should now be getting notifications.
  8. I later found an explanation and guide on Quora that also explains the steps. See this list of steps which has screen shots.