A Simple Step to Delete Thousands of Useless Gmail Messages and Free Up Space

If you’ve had a Gmail account for years, like I have, at some point you start running out of space. Here’s a simple way to delete thousands of useless emails:

  1. In Google Search Bar type “category: promotions older_than:3y”

    This will delete all promotional (a.k.a, junk) emails that are older than 3 years. I’m being ultra conservative with the 3 years. You can substitute a shorter duration if you’d like, by replacing “3y” with any number of days or months. Just change the number as you’d like and the “y” to “d” for days or “m” for months.

  2. Check the topmost checkbox to select all images, along with the “Select all messages that match this search”.

  3. Now select the trash can, confirm the bulk delete, and delete!

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