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Need to Move Your Router’s Existing DHCP IP Reservations to A New Router ? Try Uproot – a Static Lease Conversion Utility

I just released a new open source project on github called Uproot.

What is Uproot ?

Uproot (command uprt) is a multi-platform (Windows, Linux, MAC) command line utility that converts your router’s static lease mappings from one format to another. It currently supports the following formats:

  • DD-WRT
  • Mikrotik RouterOS
  • OPNSense
  • OpenWrt
  • pfSense
  • json
  • csv

I decided to build Uproot after purchasing a Mikrotik router and faced the daunting task of transferring many static leases over to the new router from my old DD-Wrt router.

Download Uprt


All feedback is welcome.


I spent a lot of time documenting usage. Because the information for exporting and importing static leases for all the various formats was hard to come by, I also wrote up detailed walk-throughs with screenshots and videos of exporting and importing all the router formats. Now this information is all in one place.

The actual usage of Uproot for a straight conversion is very simple:

uprt [file name] -g [format type]

For a full list of options, simply type

uprt -h

Demo Converting Static Lease in CSV Format into 6 formats Using Uprt


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