Google Cloudprint – Cloud Printer Offline

If you have a printer that is google cloudprint compatible but is showing ‘offline’ in your google cloud printers it may be your printer’s DNS settings. I have a Canon Workdforce 3640

I followed Canon’s instructions and registered it with Cloudprint and it worked for several months. Then one day it showed “offline” in the google cloud printer list even though the printer was clearly connected.

To fix it, I had to change the DNS Settings on the printer to those of google’s (for the house I use opendns so that could be blocking or it could be some other issue but changing to google’s fixed the issues).


  1. Look in your router settings and determine the ip address of your printer.
  2. Point your browser to the ip address, for example: http://192.168.1.XXX
  3. You should see your printer’s configuration control panel. You may need to ignore a certificate error Look for a setting that allows you to change DNS. On my Canon, the DNS settings are found under “Basic Settings”:
  4. Set the DNS Setting to googles (
  5. Save the settings.
  6. Check Your Cloud Printers. The printer hopefully will be online.

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